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Understanding Opportunity Cost When Investing In Property

Understanding Opportunity Cost When Investing In PropertyWhile most investors have got involved in property investing because they understand the opportunities to make money through leverage and capital growth or high yields, I still see and hear of many who do not fully understand opportunity cost.

Remember anyone that gets into property is usually in it to generate money or income – how many deals/properties you own is insignificant.

So what does opportunity cost mean?

Well according to the encyclopedia, “Opportunity cost is a term used in economics, to mean the cost of something in terms of an opportunity foregone (and the benefits that could be received from that opportunity), or the most valuable foregone alternative. For example, if a city decides to build a hospital on vacant land that it owns, the opportunity cost is some other thing that might have been done with the land and construction funds instead. In building the hospital, the city has forgone the opportunity to build a sporting center on that land, or a parking lot, or the ability to sell the land to reduce the city’s debt, and so on.”

So in property investing terms, if an investor decides to invest £50k in a property in for example Wales, the opportunity cost would be what he could have made by investing in Spain, Ireland or Dubai. Or similarly if an investor decides to keep equity of 50k in a property, the opportunity cost is what he/she could alternatively have invested this money in and the resultant value.

Now again this will depend on your specific strategy – and many people are not too concerned about opportunity cost, they are just keen to buy 1-2 properties that can hold onto for 15-25 years to use as a pension. That is fine if that is your strategy – but for me that is too broad a strategy, carries risks and is not maximising the opportunities available.

For me I have always had a philosophy, rightly or wrongly, that I should always be working my money hard. What does this mean? Well as soon as I feel my money has made a significant return and the returns are likely to drop off, compared to other possibilities, then I will look at realising my profits and investing elsewhere ie when I feel the opportunity elsewhere is greater than the current opportunity.

The great thing with property is this does not necessarily mean selling, as you can refinance, and invest money elsewhere.

This is no different to any other type of investing, such as buying stocks and shares – you make/lose your money depending on what price you paid, and what price you sold at – although clearly with property is good opportunity to earn a regular income as well – if hold onto for 15-25 years you should make money, but most likely will be a few scares along the way!

To be a successful investor, must know when to enter the market, and leave the market. And the people that do best buy low, and sell high!

I’ll give an example – while buying off plan has now got a bit of stick in the UK – I have done it successfully over the last few years – but the key is having a clear strategy.

For example, by doing all my due diligence I have managed to buy property at the right price in right location, but then sold on within a year of completion as I felt that was the period I would see the maximum returns in – and opportunities would be greater elsewhere over the next 3 years.

So to go through the numbers, I have just sold one that I bought off plan last year 12 months before completion. I bought at a price that was already £10k below market value based on my research in an area that had little buy to let competition. This was secured with only a £5k deposit. On completion, I put another £28k into deposit – so tied up £33k of my own money. There was no stamp duty in this area.

I then put on market on completion, now even with things slowing down in the area, I have just sold it for a £23k profit. So I tied up £5k for 1 year, and a further £28k for 6 months, to get back £56k.

Why did I sell? Did I consider refinancing?

My first choice would have been to refinance and let out, but the rental would not have stacked up. So while the rental would have stacked up at the price I paid for the property, I would have had 56k in equity sat not doing very much for me. So as I do not forecast huge capital growth in the area over the next 3-5 years, and the yield was not attractive enough for me it was best for me to release this equity and find another investment – ie I felt there were better opportunities for me to spend my £56,000 on, to generate more money.

Now clearly when are looking into the future is element of risk and speculation and are no definite answers – so you are having to forecast as well as you can with the data currently available ie how you forecast interest rates, buying/selling costs, supply and demand, employment, the overall economy and market sentiment over the next time period in the markets/regions you are investing/looking to invest in.

Although opportunity cost can be hard to quantify, its effect is universal and very real on the individual level. The principle behind the economic concept of opportunity cost applies to all decisions, not just economic ones, for example when Steven Gerrard decided to stay with Liverpool last summer, his home club and where he is captain, the opportunity cost was what he could have achieved if he had moved to Chelsea. It will be interesting to see what he decides this summer- he may now feel the opportunity cost is too great to turn down.

Crafting an awesome essay for different A-Degree Subjects

Crafting an awesome essay for different A-Degree Subjects

Almost every subject’s essay is exclusive within a unique way. It is actually indisputable how comparable they are simply, with regard to set up. By way of example, every last essay ought to have an intro where a thesis is reported. Typically, it is the first paragraph provoking the reader’s fascination; explains how now you ask recognized by way of the copy writer and delineates the terms and conditions required. Continue reading “Crafting an awesome essay for different A-Degree Subjects”

Unique Annotated Bibliography

Unique Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is regarded as a brief description with the resources being used using this method of looking into any particular issue. To have a proficient slideshow to the assets, you need to browse scholarly fabrics and establish large motifs and sustaining information. Continue reading “Unique Annotated Bibliography”

How to write a university essay

How to write a university essay

You might be preparing to enroll in a college or university to engage in your perfect, therefore youAndnbsp;will need to grow your school app essay designed to show the admission officers your abilities and qualifications. Your higher education essay uncovers what standing and levels can not explain to regarding your temperament and techniques. Continue reading “How to write a university essay”

Cashflow is Key

Cashflow is KeyI spoke to an investor 6 months ago who told me he was asset rich but cash poor.

What did he mean? He had bought several investments off plan, and several low yielding deals which he hoped would have good capital growth. Therefore while he had several good assets on paper, these assets were actually costing him money each month, meaning he had a negative cashflow.

This can be ok, if some areas of your life, or investments, are making a positive cashflow to balance this. However this investor did not have this, and he ended up being forced to go back to work, and selling a couple of these low yielding assets for a loss – as he was put in the position of being a desperate seller – that is, desperate for cash.

It is crucial to always be aware of how important cash is when running a business – which property investing is.

The reality is that without cash, you won’t last very long. This may seem obvious, however it is very easy to buy assets, and then realize you do not have enough money coming in each month – which can leave you in a very difficult position. Property investors must try and plan and prepare for all potential future events and market changes. This can include interest rate changes, economic changes or market sentiment changing, as well as changes in your personal life which you may not immediately associate with your property investing – such as promotion at work, or worse, being made redundant, or having children which can all make big changes to your cashflow as a whole.

So I would suggest, the most important aspect of planning, for a property investor, is not expected capital growth, historic data, cost of borrowing, or yields but is effective cash flow management.

Failure to properly plan cash flow is one of the leading causes for failure. I know how tempting it can be to overstretch yourself and put all your liquid cash into assets – and then due to an unexpected, or more likely unplanned for, poorly performing asset, find yourself over budget and desperate for cash short term. You then are looking to borrow cash, either through loans, or overdrafts at less acceptable interest rates. However if this runs out you can be left with difficult decisions that are forced onto you by poor planning. This usually involves selling an asset, at a price below its value, as you are desperate for cash short term to support your property investing business overall.

Cash flow serves several purposes.

Firstly it is used for meeting normal cash obligations such as paying mortgages, buying costs, development costs and covering voids.

Secondly, it is held as a precautionary measure for unanticipated problems. This is the area that usually is forgotten by investors. A cash reserve should be available for these unforeseen problems – this can be actual cash, or a flexible mortgage or overdraft, but must be available.

Thirdly it is held for potential investment purposes. The term “cash” refers to those assets that are liquid and have immediate cash redemption value.

There is not a problem with buying a property or land that costs money in the short term ie a plot of land to develop on, or a property off plan, indeed this can be very profitable – but it is clear that this will not generate cash in the short term – and therefore you must make sure this is properly planned into your overall strategy.

I always think it is important to have a good level of cash generating assets – ie generating more money than the costs involved with borrowing and maintaining the asset.

This gives you a positive cashflow which can help balance out less well performing assets, or can be held in reserve for emergencies or future investments.

The other attraction of holding cash positive assets is that if you are ever forced to sell an asset due to an unexpected change in your professional or personal life, there should always be demand for cash positive assets, and therefore you should be able to sell this on relatively easily.

For example, if a property development you are carrying out goes wrong or over budget, and you need extra cash – if you own a buy to let in the UK which is generating a gross yield of over 8% – or a net yield, ie after all costs, in any country of at least 2% – then this should be attractive to other investors and you should find a buyer relatively easily or be able to refinance this asset, which should generate cash quickly.

It is no surprise that when you go to the banks requesting more money, they want to know your monthly cashflow – they need to see from your projected monthly cash flow if you will have the capacity to repay the loans or mortgages.

So when you are forming your property investing strategy – ask yourself the following questions,

How much cash will my assets generate? How much cash is required each month? How much cash do other areas of my life require? And how much do they generate?

Ie. if you have a high paid job which you enjoy, which generates a high positive cash flow, or you already have assets generating extra cash on a monthly basis – you may be able to buy assets that will not generate money in the short term, as you can cover any short term costs, or unforeseen circumstances. You may therefore want to look at a longer timescale, and may go into property development, buy into a property fund, buy a plot of land – where you are comfortable tying up this money for a period of time, confident that it will rise in value, and you will have no short term need for this asset which could compromise the value.

If on the other hand you are pretty stretched already for cash on a monthly basis ie say cashflow neutral, you may well want to buy an asset that immediately will generate cash, or at least as soon as the mortgage, borrowing costs start ie a more traditional buy to let.

There are many ways to make money as a property investor – but financial planning is always key to ensure your cashflow stays positive to allow you to grow your property investment business.


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Where Can I Buy A Research Paper

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So, you possess did wonders, learned and tested towards you to around a billion dollars gray hair, an ulcer and a university college diploma; now what do you do for it. For sure you did not expend no less than couple of years for nothing. In all likelihood, you began your instructive task possessing a sharp-minimize plan under consideration, one which supplied what can show up when you earned your qualification. You do not prefer to waste material the moment and expense of getting your magnitude to not ever apply it for anything at all, after all. Assuming you have constructed your employment alternative, you will be aware what measure of amount it is advisable to help, and the way complete every step in the direction of that side. For instance, if you are planning as a psychologist, you should start with attaining a Bachelor’s qualification in mindset. You may take some time for work as a possible admittance-tier counselor and then also revisit for your Master’s college degree.

Once you have received that rate, you will definitely then go back to institution to bring in your PH.

You should most certainly not would want to positioned all of this time, expenditure and effort into reaching this prestigious college degree just to decide afterward that you just do definitely not maintain persons and go to work such as a pizzas distribution man or women preferably.

As you can imagine, your career is not truly the only dream that you have in mind when getting your college or university degree.

Your extent could possibly be the pleasure of your long-term organised ideal, or else a present that you get for a mother or father.

This achievement will probably result in far more for you personally as it is an issue that many others claimed that you could not do, or would not do.

Rental Property Investments

Rental Property InvestmentsWhen talking about Rental Property Investments, the term ‘working capital’ has to be understood. There are two concepts of working capital: gross working capital and net working capital. Gross working capital is the total of all current assets. Net working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities. It may be mentioned here that though this concept of working capital is commonly used, it is an accounting concept with little economic meaning. It makes little sense to say that a firm manages its net working capital. What a firm really does is to take decisions with respect to various current assets and current liabilities.

The management of working capital refers to the management of current assets as well as current liabilities. The major thrust, of course, is on the management of current assets. This is understandable because current liabilities arise in the context of current assets. Working capital is a significant facet of rental property investments because investment in current assets represents a substantial portion of total investment. Moreover, investment in current assets and the level of current liabilities have to be geared quickly to changes in sales. To be sure, fixed asset investment and long-term financing are also responsive to variation in sales. However, this relationship is not as close and direct as it is in the case of working capital components.

The importance of working capital management is reflected in the fact that financial managers spend a great deal of time in managing current assets and current liabilities. Arranging short-term financing, negotiating favorable credit terms, controlling the movement of cash, administering accounts receivable and monitoring the investment in inventories consume a great deal of time for financial managers.

In the management of working capital two characteristics of current assets must be borne in mind. Firstly, short life span and secondly, swift transformation into other asset forms. Current assets have a short life span. The life span of current assets depends upon the time required in the activities of procurement, production, sales and the degree of synchronization among them.